Ancient Egypt Slots

There is a huge selection of slot machine themes out there, but some are more popular than others. For example, Irish and Fruit machine-themed slots are very popular these days, but our personal favourite is slots based around Ancient Egypt – also try King Casino Rainbow Riches.

You’ve probably come across these before, but if you haven’t, where have you been? We’re going to be breaking down our three favourite Ancient Egypt Slots, so whether you’re already a fan or have never played, read on to find out more! We’ll be reviewing:

–        Tut’s Twister

–        Cleopatra

–        Book of Ra

Tut’s Twister

Let’s kick things off with one of our personal favourite Ancient Egyptian slots, Tut’s Twister! You probably remember King Tut from history class in school, officially known as Tutankhamun! Well, this fantastic slot takes you into an Egyptian adventure into the King’s temple, on a journey to discover hidden treasures such as an amazing RTP of 97.1%, a maximum win of over £100,000, and tons of epic bonus features! If you’ve never played an Egyptian slot before, this is a great place to start – we’re sure you’ll love the catchy Egyptian music and mysterious symbols!


Back to our history lessons, Cleopatra was the Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt back from 69BC until 30 BC – that was a seriously long time ago! However, the fantastic slop developers at IGT have ensured that she is never forgotten with a truly brilliant slot named after the Queen herself. Whilst the 95.02% RTP is slightly below average, we don’t really play Ancient Egypt slots for the high RTPs but instead the amazing themes! The game includes tons of Egyptian themed bonus features that are bound to keep you coming back for more, including an epic temple bonus which could land you up to 180 free spins!

Book of Ra

Finally, we’ve got Book of Ra – this simply has to be our favourite slot on this list, there’s just something about it that is absolutely iconic. There’s nothing too crazy going on here – it has a pretty standard format including:

–        Traditional three-by-five reel structure

–        10 Paylines

–        Minimum play of 10p and Maximum play of £50

We also have to say that much like Cleopatra, the RTP is slightly below average at 95.1% (the average is generally around 96%). So, does this mean you should avoid this slot? Absolutely not! As we already mentioned, we’re here for the adventures into the ancient Egyptian Pyramids, not just making a quick jackpot, right?! You can’t let the mysterious of the Book of Ra be left unexplored just because of a slightly low RTP!

The Verdict

Overall, whether you’ve played Ancient Egypt slots before or not, you simply have to ensure that you’ve ticked off these three slots. Sure, Tut’s Twister has the best RTP out of all of them, but no slot fan’s portfolio is complete without witnessing the mysteries of the classic Book of Ra. Take a trip to the middle east and explore something new with these slots, and we hope that you will find the treasure at the end!


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