Are some online bingo variants better than others? 

When you delve into the history of gambling, one thing that becomes clear is that all these games have gone through subtle changes through time and different variants have appeared on the scene as well.  These different versions of the same game have also continued to develop in the new online gambling world of today.

Bingo is one such game that has produced several variants that have adapted to the ever-changing habits of the gambling public. Whether these variants are any good, is all dependent on personal taste, but some versions of bingo games online have developed to suit the fast-paced world of online gambling, whilst other variants have appeared simply as a marketing ploy to target a much younger audience. 

Most variants of bingo aimed at younger audiences are not online-based, instead, they are offered at land-based venues and target those that usually choose to go to nightclubs and bars, instead of bingo. Rave bingo is one such bingo variant that mixes all these elements, but has bingo at its heart, despite serving up a night out that has a nightclub vibe to it. 

Traditional Bingo Variants Online 

Rave bingo is at the extreme end of the new variants of this popular numbers game. However, traditionalists are also served up with several more familiar different bingo formats online, and these include 30-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, and 90-ball bingo. 

30-Ball Bingo 

30-ball bingo is the variant of choice for those players who like some fast-paced bingo entertainment online. It is sometimes also called speed bingo and it suits the pace of modern-day online gambling. Young people and those who have busy schedules will prefer this game that is played on a 3×3 grid. 

75-Ball Bingo 

75-ball bingo is a variant that is hugely popular with American online bingo players. A 75-ball bingo card consists of a 5×5 grid with 25 squares. The centre square is blank, but the rest contain 24 numbers, and winning patterns include full rows that can be up, down, or even formed diagonally. It offers a slower bingo playing experience for those with more patience and time on their hands, but it is not the slowest version of bingo that can be played online, this accolade goes to 80-ball and 90-ball bingo.

80-Ball Bingo 

80-ball bingo is the daddy of online bingo, and this is because this variant was specially developed for the online bingo playing public. The move to create a specific variant that appeals to online bingo players more than any other version of bingo has become the success story of this game. 80-ball bingo is now the most popular form of bingo and for those who want to savour a slower-paced night of online bingo entertainment, then this suits these punters far better than the helter-skelter of 30-ball bingo. 

90-Ball Bingo 

Despite speed bingo and the 80-ball bingo variant, which has been specifically developed for an online audience, still being extremely popular at present, the famous 90-ball version is still holding its own across the globe with games like osrs melee gear progression. It is popular both online and at land-based bingo halls and this offers the longest individual bingo gaming experience.


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