Esports Big Betting Opportunities

Over the past decade, esports as a whole has only continued to grow and is now certainly one of the biggest viewer sports in the world as the many games that make up the esports scene have only found growth during the same period of time – whilst many fans still turn to other online wagering activities with casinos topping out the list with services like this admiral casino review being amongst the favoured, but esports is quickly taking over a more casual audience where it was once aimed at only the enthusiasts, but now with a much bigger audience, where are the biggest esports betting opportunities?

Valorant is making huge waves in the scene – In June of last year, fans of the first-person shooter genre were shown Riot Games’ latest entry into the esports world with their title of Valorant and it led to the huge exodus of players away from Counter-Strike and to this newer title, and it has quickly become one of the big top four games available. May is certainly shaping up to be a good month for Valorant too with the VCT Stage 2 Masters taking place in Iceland over this coming week and being the first big international tournament for the game that will look to bring in huge viewer numbers. Regional rivalries have always been a huge benefit to the esports market and will only continue to fuel the huge success the game has been finding since its release.

Flashpoint and DreamHack brings content for CS:GO fans – Counter-Strike has been suffering a little after finding its all-time high player numbers throughout the past year or two, much of the wind being taken out of the sails by the release of Valorant and stealing many of the top talent from the scene, despite this there’s still a lot of success to be found. Flashpoint is currently underway for CS:GO and whilst not holding the prestigious prize fund it once did, does provide points for the majors, and with the recent conclusion of DreamHack Spring seeing Na’Vi crowned champs it was another exciting tournament to keep fans entertained. Whilst Counter-Strike does seem to be falling behind the curve of the competition a little with lower prize pools, they more than make up for it with a huge number of events and tournaments to help cover the calendar year for bigger events. Other events area on their way to close out the remainder of the year too with League of Legends looking to have a huge final once again at the end of the year and as international events start to get underway once more now travel is becoming more available, and will make esports betting opportunities much more exciting once again too.


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