Roulette Tricks that Work

Over time, many players have tried to beat statistical probability at Roulette. Most of these systems are usually disappointing or even costly to the player but some have a potential of yielding a little profit.

One such system is Martingale System which means doubling your bet after every loss and resetting it on winning – left unsupervised, it could easily eat up most of your bankroll in no time.

Martingale System

Although Martingale Systems may appear as an attractive approach to win roulette, they don’t work because one needs to begin with large starting bankroll which table limits do not restrict player bets sizes; besides, increasing bet size after every loss is an inherently risky strategy that could bankrupt any gambler trying this strategy! Moreover, majority of casinos do not allow gamblers to place wagers beyond the house limit.

Martingale System follows a sequence where you double your bet after each loss until you hit a winning streak according to the main strategy but other games like baccarat or blackjack also involve similar methods. It must be noted however that this strategy only works for even money bets with almost 50% odds of success; real life tends not to adhere strictly; you will lose many bets before finally hitting one and suffer more losses than anticipated by this system.

D’Alembert System

There are several negative progression or betting strategies that can help a player win at roulette. One such method is called D’Alembert System and it is effective for those who prefer playing safely and managing their bankroll properly. This makes it ideal for short sessions on roulette as it involves increasing your stake when losing while reducing it when winning.

Players should start by choosing their base unit size which should be some percentage of their bankrolls. This might be as small as $10 or what is the minimum table limit set at your casino of choice -every time you lose increase by one unit and decrease on winning – this will help recoup some losses as well as make small profits while at the same time offering a bit of protection from long losing streaks.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci betting system, like craps, is widely applied in roulette and other casino games with even bets. This offers more bearable raises in bet size compared to Martingale betting systems because it helps players recover losses quicker while ending each gambling session with profit. Unfortunately, house edge remains intact and odds are not modified, only worsening losing streaks.

Fibonacci System can be used by players to minimize probable losses if they follow it and concentrate on odds. Though this does not enhance chances of winning per se, those who do not mind how much of their money they are risking should apply this instead. Additionally, players are recommended to specify an amount of money that they can afford losing then stop immediately upon reaching such a level; otherwise they may fall into the trap of endless defeats and exposure to higher limit games like blackjacks or pokers.

James Bond Strategy

James Bond system helps players beat the house edge when playing roulette. Unlike other systems that need continuous losses to cancel it such as Martingale and D’Alembert, this strategy manages risk by limiting the frequency of appearing covered numbers vs uncovered ones.

Initially, 70% of the table should be covered with a bet consisting of 70% on high-range numbers like 19-36 and the rest 5% at zero. If this wager hits successfully, PS8 will be paid for three line bets PS10 for six line bets plus sixteen for green zero bets.

Although James Bond strategy might work in the short run as a betting system, its profits can disappear once it hits against house edge. Consequently, this method is suitable for smaller bankrolls over shorter periods of play only.


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