Mastering Live Betting Tactics

Living betting can even enhance this profile, adding suspense to the whole casino dynamic, if you master the techniques. Immediate suspension – does the favourite make a remarkable come-back to overcome a semi-final deficit in game five, to send audiences near-hysterical? Smart bankroll management, choosing one sport, concentrating on research and analysis – if you master the techniques, you put the odds more on your side of the deal.

Unlike pre-match betting, when you place a bet, a bunch of things happen live while you’re making your wager, in a live-betting set-up. This makes it a completely different experience. You need a completely different strategy to be able to do it successfully and find the best value to be able to win significant payouts.

Embrace a Mindset of Continuous Learning

With live betting tactics constantly evolving, learning to beat the market also demands humility. It takes painstaking record-keeping and regularly reviewing logs of past bets, be they wins or losses, for insight that can inform strategy, and fine-tune judgments.

Live streams can give bettor critical insights into team and individual performances, track momentum, help assess betting opportunities, and leverage real-time stats and analyst opinions to make informed wagers.

Having sufficient skills in emotional self-regulation is another important aspect of having an edge in live betting. The rather detached decision calculus involved in laying out a good bettering plan in the first place, a plan that takes account of cold, bare facts about probabilities and the philosophical attitude those implications impose, as well as a realistic outlook about what one might expect to happen over the long haul, can help one to avoid losing one’s head in a torrent of oh-so-feelable emotions that would make otherwise cold-blooded ‘suckers’ chase their tail – and pocketbook – by betting in ways that would inevitably lead to trouble by being short-term in focus (chasing losses). Still, one needs to have gotten a handle on the odds.

Quick Decision-Making

Live betting situations can turn on a dime. For punters to react to potential opportunities, including an injured player entering the field, or a turnabout in a team’s momentum, they need to be quick thinkers to decide to either escalate or minimise a bet, or even drop it and walk away if the situation turns detrimental. Punters must be flexible and uncouple from decisions quickly.

Those punters who want to bet in-play must learn how to make quick decisions assessing past bets, consulting with other bettors, and keeping track of real-time statistics as these are key factors that can contribute to a good swift decision when live betting. Similarly, punters might achieve a clearer judgment by specialising in one single sport as, with deeper knowledge of that game, they will understand more about the strengths and weaknesses of individual teams or players. Managing one’s bankroll responsibly, and showing a greater sense of organisation when engaging in live betting also seem to be effective aids to achieving success over an extended period of time.

Sense Momentum Shifts

Being able to recognise momentum shifts is a key part of being a better bear, and momentum shifts happen to teams and games in a number of different ways, resulting in big swings, such as changes to team or tactical strategy, loss of key players to injury, or loss of edge because of fatigue or concentration and confidence drops.

There are many momentum indicators that a bettor can track – possession and where the ball is, shots on goal, scoring chances, players’ performances, and team form/head-to-head records. Armed with these, the bettor can parlay real-time information into quick and effective betting decisions.

Second, conscious awareness is important for controlling mood-based decisions. A bettor who recognises how her mood can affect decisions might be less likely to make an on-the-spot purchase of game-day or championship gear when gambling adrenaline rushes or there is the belief that fans may be celebrating a winning streak by pulling money out of their pockets. Second, the bettor might employ mindfulness techniques or deep breathing as a means of mood control.

Utilize Arbitrage Opportunities

Inplay betting can be thrilling and action-packed. However, punters need to remain laser-focused on how to discover and exploit arbitrage differences between bookmakers’ odds, and make sure that, whatever happens in the event, they guarantee money for themselves. To discover and exploit such ‘sure bets’ requires dedication, high level and speed of analysis, decision-making, risk reduction and management skills, which inplay betting often lacks.

Identifying such opportunities is usually done by a bettor comparing the odds across different bookmakers and searching if and for how much they differ. (That is, have different bookmakers assigned different probabilities to the same event?) While this can be painstakingly time-consuming, there exist software tools that are designed to make it easier for a bettor, thereby making it unnecessary for the bettor to do it manually.

The ideal bet tracking tool is displaying live odds changes in real time, will alert you to any arbitrage opportunities based on your own criteria for what is ‘good enough’ and then will enable you to set customised condition-based alerting systems, and automatically calculate optimal targets for staking; on top of offering the functionality for you to create your own bet tracker so that you can record your bets into the system and, by proxy, better manage your bankroll. Arb Amigo does all of this and more. For the in-play bettor, it makes in-play betting just that little bit better.


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