Tech being used in gaming

Digital technology has been changing the gaming industry exponentially. The face of the gamer has changed over the years due to this. Games started off being in arcades which largely attracted the younger players, however, with introduction of new technology which has made it possible to access games on various platforms has meant that the face of the gamer has changed. You then had the growth of the competitive seen in most recent times, which has led to the likes of and platforms for fans to support competitive players.

Graphics have largely changed from the first Nintendo cartridge game to the games we are able to download on an app on our mobile phones. Most casinos have also started making their games mobile friendly as they realise the large number of people who now own a smartphone. The new smartphones are provided with a very good operating system, memory and graphics, as well as larger screens which enable them to have a good gaming experience in the palm of their hands.

Games consoles have largely been improved over the years on order to support better graphics and more memory as well as internet connectivity. This has enabled people to form gaming communities and build social lives around their games.

Televisions have also been improved and we are now seeing technology that is designed to support HDR/4K picture modes. This adds to the gaming experience when connected to whichever games console of their choosing. Smart TVs also enable gamers to add apps where they can play games on their phones.

Technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality can transform the world of casinos games.From anywhere in the world, players could join a poker game with players from different countries and have the same experience as if they were all in the same casino.

The advances in technology have also improved the safety and traceability of payments online. Players can be confident that their payments and pay outs are being protected as they take part in games. Recent advances in other alternative modes of payments such as bitcoin and digital wallets are even more secure online than bank payments. This adds extra security and accessibility for different types of players.

As more people access the internet and make payments online, technology to ensure that gamers and their money are secure is continuously being improved. We have technology such as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition to keep player’s information secure. Drastic technological advances are also being made in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI will enable players to continue having greater engagement with their favourite games within a virtual environment. We will continue to see impressing advances in the future to the virtual world for gamers.


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